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When a brush with death becomes a personal mission

Gravans Lambert is head of special projects at Aeroworx. A native South African, he helps the company extend to new markets. But he also has a deep connection with Aeroworx’s mission to help those in need of emergency medical evacuation. It dates back to his birth in Mozambique…

“I grew up in South Africa and Mozambique in the late 90s and early 2000s, and the difference between the two countries in terms of medical facilities was stark. And, of course, even between different regions of South Africa, the type of help available varied tremendously.

“As I moved into my 20s and started to travel around our incredible continent, I had first-hand experience of the inadequate medical facilities in many parts of Africa. It was only when I returned to South Africa, that the gulf between the excellent private medical facilities in South Africa compared with the rudimentary offering in most other parts of Africa, really struck home.

“In fact, my first brush with life or death medical decisions came much earlier. When my mother was expecting me, there was a serious complication, and my father was told he had to choose between saving me or my mother. What a choice?! Fortunately, he resolved the situation and we both survived. That experience led to the founding of Aeroworx. You can read his account here.

“This is why I believe Aeroworx is so important – it gives people the ability to make use of these facilities should they face a medical emergency almost anywhere in Africa. Along with the added peace of mind that comes with knowing that you and your family will be in very capable hands

“It’s a sad fact that relatively simple medical procedures can become life or death situations very quickly in some parts of Africa, solely due to inadequate medical facilities. I am proud that Aeroworx completely eliminates that risk and provides access to the best medical facilities across Africa.”

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Disorganised medical supply chains highlight the difficulties facing functional healthcare in Africa. Basic healthcare facilities that many of us take for granted aren’t always easily available in Africa – and

Aeroworx’s members can source an expert second medical opinion at no cost. The quality of healthcare and medical advice in Africa can vary enormously from country to country and region

The size and complexity of Africa mean medical treatment, especially emergency medical treatment, is more challenging here than in other continents. Depending on where you are in Africa and what

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