Saving you money on phone charges in Africa

Say goodbye to huge roaming fees with our eSIM service for mobile and cell phones.

You’re in a medical emergency in a foreign country. 

You desperately need to make urgent calls, send forms, and email photos. Right now. But there’s no wifi. 

Your local SIM card has stopped working. Your normal network provider is hammering you with roaming charges. The medical emergency is already difficult but this phone problem is making it a nightmare…

Thankfully, Aeroworx is at hand with the solution – a solution that will save you up to 80% on roaming fees on mobile and cell phones!

Of course, Aeroworx already offers low-cost cover for emergency medical evacuation. Now, through a partnership with Celitech, we can provide a money-saving alternative to buying a local SIM card and high roaming costs. It’s called an eSIM – and you can get it here.

With an eSIM there’s no need to physically replace fiddly SIM cards. It’s all done digitally. The service works with post-2018 mobile phones and other devices, and will become standard on new phones before long. And in case you are wondering, the “e” stands for embedded, not electronic.

The eSIM is a “software-based” version of the SIM card you already have in your phone. A traditional SIM card connects your device to local carrier networks – and an eSIM does the same but without the hassle. Plus, unlike physical SIM cards, an eSIM cannot be cloned.

How to get Aeroworx’s eSIM 

  1. Visit Aeroworx eSIM page
  2. Enter your details to buy your prepaid eSIM 
  3. Scan the QR code – your phone will download the new eSIM.

You’re ready to go!

Aeroworx’s eSIM users can access multiple data networks on one device, making data roaming easier and less expensive. You can use your eSIM to make calls using WhatsApp, Telegram, FaceTime, Teams, Zoom or other similar services, access email or browse the web. All while saving up to 80% on data roaming charges, giving you peace of mind at a stressful time!

Of course, while we have created this service to help you at a time of medical emergency, you can use our eSIM at any time you want – saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. And it’s not limited to countries in Africa. Choose to use it in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australasia. It’s a worldwide solution! 

Even if you don’t have our emergency medical evacuation cover, you can still sign up for our eSIM and save yourself a small fortune. 

It’s all part of Aeroworx’s goal to make living, working and travelling in Africa safer, easier and better value for money.

Check if you have an eSIM compatible device here.

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Aeroworx’s successful partnership with AMREF Flying Doctors has provided cover for emergency medical evacuation and hospitalisation to thousands of people living and working in East Africa. The partnership has run

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Aeroworx’s members can source an expert second medical opinion at no cost. The quality of healthcare and medical advice in Africa can vary enormously from country to country and region

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