Life’s not predictable… but our policies have you covered

In Africa? What if you face a medical emergency? Our policies get you to the best help. Fast.

Accessing emergency healthcare in Africa can be a matter of life and death. Our policies ensure our clients are transported to the best medical facilities in the shortest possible time.

Immediate help

Once your plan is live, we can help immediately

Expert knowledge

The best medical facilities suited to your location and needs

Worry free

We know which African countries need what paperwork

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Helping you help your clients

Are you a broker?

You are expert in getting the best deals for your clients. You know the local market. And you want your clients to have emergency medical evacuation at an affordable price. That’s what Aeroworx does – we make sure that in a medical emergency in Africa, your clients are raced to a state-of-the-art health centre as soon as possible.

  • Add our services to existing employee policies or offer as standalone cover
  • Easily scaled for small, medium or large companies – our clients include local businesses, NGOs and multinational companies
  • As soon as the policy is approved, we take over – and your client has peace of mind

Insurance company?

You know about insurance across Africa. You make sure your clients have access to the best medical facilities. But what if your clients are in a different country? Medical insurance often doesn’t cover crossing borders. That’s where we are experts.

  • We know the best medical facilities depending on the location, nearest medical facility and patient condition
  • We know what paperwork and visas are needed to leave and enter different countries
  • We work with you to add our services to your policies, providing seamless cover from incident location to hospital facility
Ideal for individual and groups

Private cover?

You’re planning a road trip to see the best that Africa has to offer. You’ve got the four-wheeler packed and all the rations you need to see you through… But what if someone gets seriously ill or there’s a road traffic incident, and you are hospitalised?

  • Help!… You need to receive modern medical attention – as soon as possible
  • Problem… Your medical insurance is only valid when you are in your country.
  • The answer… Aeroworx speeds our members to emergency medical treatment – peace of mind from just $30 a month.


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