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Medical emergency air evacuation at an affordable price

Bolt on our services to existing and new clients’ policies

Our product is easily scaled – from a one person company to a large corporate

Once a policy is signed, Aeroworx takes over. We deal with everything

You offer medical insurance in Africa. But are you a medical expert or a specialist in air evacuation? That’s where Aeroworx comes in. Add our product to give your clients the complete cover they need.
Giving your clients better cover

We are your solution to their problem

We dovetail our product to fit with your policies, so that you can offer your clients medical evacuation cover, at an affordable price.

In Africa, a medical emergency can be a matter of life and death.

Your clients want peace of mind that they are covered. Should the unthinkable happen, they need someone who can help with just one phone call. Someone who knows the best medical facilities. Someone who knows which countries need what paperwork. And fast.

That’s what Aeroworx is to your clients. A company who can make things happen – and make them happen now.

What you can offer by working with Aeroworx:

  • Membership gives access to 8000 of Africa’s top medical facilities
  • First point of contact are medical practitioners fluent in four major languages
  • Rapid transportation to the nearest modern medical facility, often by air evacuation
  • Peace of mind at an affordable price
  • Product that is easily scaled and added to existing policies

We have worked with insurance companies and their brokers for many years – we understand your needs. We also have unrivalled knowledge of Africa’s very best healthcare facilities and can deliver a patient to treatment in the shortest possible time. Add our product to your offer to provide the cover your clients need. Aeroworx – emergency medical evacuation and treatment made easy. Contact us to see how we can work together


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48 countries covered
8000 healthcare facilities
5 offices across africa
insured with lloyds of london
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Want to find out more?

We’ve created some useful brochures to help explain the advantages of our product. There’s one brochure for insurance brokers and another for companies that want to insure their employees. Download and keep for reference – or pass them on to interested colleagues.

We’ve also pulled together some of our clients’ most frequently asked questions into one place, for your ease of reference. Check out some FAQs here.


Helping you help your clients


You are expert in securing the best deals for your clients.

Aeroworx are experts in arranging emergency medical evacuations throughout Africa. Together, we offer your clients peace of mind that we will get them to the best treatment possible. And at an affordable price.

Private cover for peace of mind

Individuals / groups

Thinking of making that once-in-a-lifetime African road trip? On a beach break to Mozambique? Taking in the bush of Botswana?

Make sure you and your loved ones are treated in the best facilities if there’s a medical emergency. From just $30 a month you can rest easy, knowing you are covered…