Oxygen supplies cause healthcare difficulties

The very real danger of poor African healthcare infrastructure

Disorganised medical supply chains highlight the difficulties facing functional healthcare in Africa.

Basic healthcare facilities that many of us take for granted aren’t always easily available in Africa – and that can lead to unanticipated medical emergencies.

For example, access to medical oxygen is an obvious, everyday requirement that doctors and patients in the Western healthcare system assume is a given. But in many African countries it’s a different story.

The World Health Organisation found poor access to medical oxygen and supply equipment in Africa contributed to a huge increase in deaths during the Covid pandemic. Hospitals just couldn’t get hold of this basic medical necessity – a study of 64 hospitals in 10 African countries showed that half of the Covid patients who died never received oxygen.

Clearly, it’s not just Covid patients who need medical oxygen. The situation has led to WHO calling for countries to adopt national plans to increase access to medical oxygen. So, far Malawi and Ethiopia have risen to the challenge, while Kenya and South Africa have had excellent medical facilities for years. Many other African countries lag far behind.

Aeroworx to the rescue

It was this very patchy access to healthcare in Africa that led to Aeroworx being founded in 2017. The company offers policies that cover medical emergency evacuation in Africa. They ensure if you face a medical emergency, Aeroworx will get you to a modern hospital with all the necessary facilities – from the most advanced drugs and medical procedures to basics such as oxygen and clean conditions. These hospitals tend to be in South Africa and Kenya.

The cost of these policies starts from as little as $30 a month. It’s a small price to pay when you consider that the cost of medical emergency transport to South Africa or Kenya can be anywhere from $10,000 to $76,000 – or more.

It’s not just a poor supply of oxygen that endangers life – in some African countries, standard medical procedures simply aren’t available. Aeroworx helped a policyholder in Madagascar who had suffered a broken ankle in a road accident. All it needed was a simple operation to place a pin in his ankle but that wasn’t possible, and the high risk of infection meant – shockingly – amputation was a real possibility. This would have been a life-changing disaster for the farmer and his family. Aeroworx stepped into the breach and turned round the impending crisis to ensure a great outcome.

Aeroworx policies can even help you in cases that aren’t emergencies. All members are able to draw on a second expert medical opinion for free, through a partnership with MediGuard. This means members can double-check their local doctor’s diagnosis and suggested treatment with some of North America’s most respected medical experts. It reduces the opportunity for unnecessary and incorrect treatment, as well as saving the sufferer significant money.

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Aeroworx’s members can source an expert second medical opinion at no cost. The quality of healthcare and medical advice in Africa can vary enormously from country to country and region

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