Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance - DRC

Businesses and individuals working across borders have a lot of administration to manage already. We think that medical safeguarding is one thing that can be managed on your behalf.

With such a range of medical facilities across the 48 African countries that we cover, including Democratic Republic of the Congo, it’s impossible to know where you or your clients will be best served.

Our expert multilingual personnel are accessible by hotline all day every day to arrange premium medical access regardless of borders. Our medical practitioners will identify the best premium medical facility for your needs. The priority might be proximity, or specialist facilities and expertise. 

As we are connected with 8,000 facilities across the continent, you’ll be evacuated to the best match for your specific circumstances. 

Aeroworx policies can be arranged as an individual or through brokers and businesses to cover clients, representatives or entire workforces. Our priority is that, when needed, our members have straightforward access to the best premium medical facilities possible. From accidents to sudden illness, we take on the communication and logistics needed to make evacuation possible.

Get in touch for more information and guidance on what the right policy is for you or your organisation.  


Our office in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

8000 healthcare facilities
5 offices across africa
48 countries covered
insured with lloyds of london