Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance - Senegal

Our services are designed for businesses or tourists looking for comprehensive medical assurance over multiple countries.

Crossing borders to or from Senegal requires additional administration to a standard insurance policy. Aeroworx covers 48 African countries and is connected to 8000 medical facilities. So we ensure that our clients are assessed and evacuated to the best facility for their circumstance. 

The first step for our members is to call our switchboard, accessible all day every day. The calls are received by medical professionals fluent in French, English, Portuguese and Arabic. 

With this level of understanding, the process of sourcing and transportation to the best state of the art facility is straightforward. 

We’ll be able to manage all communication between a current medical facility and the destination facility.

In a medical emergency, stress levels are understandably high, and it is hard to understand all of the administrative requirements of different countries. Add to this the logistics of getting there and a medical emergency can feel insurmountable. 

Whether you’re an individual seeking comprehensive protection, or an organisation looking after a large workforce, our policies work for you. We even manage arrangements on behalf of brokers and insurance companies inside or outside of Senegal.

Simply fill in the contact form below for more information on memberships that are available for your situation. 


Our office in Senegal

8000 healthcare facilities
5 offices across africa
48 countries covered
insured with lloyds of london