Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance - Nigeria

Travel across Africa requires administration. Whether you’re resident in or visiting Nigeria, standard medical insurance does not guarantee premium treatment across borders. 

Aeroworx provides a 24/7/365 accessible hotline which will ensure this access wherever you are. We cover 48 countries across Africa, which gives you truly comprehensive reassurance.

The multilingual medical professionals who staff our hotline will calmly assess an emergency situation and arrange transportation to the most appropriate medical facility. All logistics and administration are taken out of your hands.

The service relieves this stress, allowing you to focus on more personal priorities. 

We work with 8000 medical institutions. So whether the prime concern is proximity or expertise, we ensure transportation to the best fit facility. 

Aeroworx policies are entirely scaleable. This means that they are appropriate on a singular or corporate basis. Brokers and insurance companies can also access our services, making this the most accessible way of ensuring continent wide protection. 

Whether a business is based in Nigeria or operating across borders, this is a real benefit to large workforces and individuals alike. 

Simply contact us to discuss how our service can help your organisation or situation. 


Our office in Nigeria

8000 healthcare facilities
5 offices across africa
48 countries covered
insured with lloyds of london