Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance - South Africa

Our specialist team in South Africa are here to support all our members should they experience a medical emergency out of the country.

Aeroworx covers 48 countries across Africa, so your membership will assure you the best medical response wherever you are. We want our South African clients, both private and corporate, to experience the same level of service that they would if an incident were to happen on home soil.

We understand that medical insurance is complex; with the different conditions and processes of personal and corporate policies. Add to this the variety of health visa requirements across the continent, and the stress of an emergency health problem can spiral.

Should an accident or illness occur away from South Africa, it is challenging to know where to start. So our aim is to take all of this on, so you don’t have to.

We work with brokers, insurance providers, and 8,000 top medical facilities across Africa to provide an unparalleled service. Make just one call to our hotline and we spring into action with rapid transportation and care access. We manage all of the logistics and liaison so you can simply focus on yourself or your loved one.

Contact us to explore which membership will work best for you or your organisation, when you travel or work outside of South Africa.


Our office in South Africa

8000 healthcare facilities
5 offices across africa
48 countries covered
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