Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance - Madagascar

Being able to easily access state of the art medical facilities is not simple. Across such a large continent as Africa, many people who travel to and from different areas find that they are far from the facilities that they are used to. 

This can feel especially true in the case of an island such as Madagascar.

This is where our hotline comes into play. With one call, our members have immediate access to medical professionals who assess the situation and then match it with the most appropriate medical facility.

Accessibility is so important. Since Aeroworx work across 48 African countries, we understand the logistical challenges that people often face. Our representatives speak French, English, Portuguese and Arabic.

Through this we can liaise with 8000 facilities, making sure that communication is correctly managed and transport promptly arranged. This means that in an emergency situation, our services relieve stress both for the patient and those around them.

We know that people travel for many different reasons, both personal and professional. This is why we’ve structured medevac policies to suit business and individual travel needs. Our teams also liaise with brokers and insurance companies to ensure that all administration is seamlessly integrated.

Use our contact form below to discuss your needs further, or for guidance on what solutions work best for an organisation. 


Our office in Madagascar

8000 healthcare facilities
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48 countries covered
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