We aim to use the nearest, and most suitable, accredited medical evacuation company. If a local aircraft is available, we typically have all paperwork and protocols in place to collect the patient within three hours of notification and confirmation of all details. (This period can change due to changing Covid-19 regulations). If we need to dispatch an aircraft from outside the region, the aircraft typically takes off within three hours of notification and confirmation of all details, plus the flight time.

No, we work with an extensive network of trusted air ambulance operators across Africa. This approach ensures we will always have access to an air ambulance.

Aeroworx’s product does not cover babies under 14 days old and has a maximum age limit of 65 years old.

Yes, we insist that for all minors, one parent or guardian travels in the aircraft. A minor is defined as a child between 14 days and 21 years. If space allows, a second parent or guardian can also travel in the aircraft; if there isn’t space, we will fly you to the treating country via the next available commercial flight. Hotel costs closest to the hospital will be covered to a maximum amount as per the policy documents.

The product does not cover pregnancy, pregnancy related complications nor the unborn child. The product covers non-pregnancy related medical emergencies. Please note, pregnant women are not allowed on our flights two months prior to due date, due to the dangers of a premature birth.

No, all pre-existing conditions are excluded.

A pre-existing condition is any sickness, disease or other medical condition of the Insured Person which requires medical treatment and which was known by the insured person and diagnosed before purchase of our product.

No, all related expenses are covered by Aeroworx and paid direct to service providers within the overall cover limit.

Unless the accident or illness necessitates an air evacuation, hospital costs are not covered. When a member is evacuated, all costs required to stabilise the member are covered.

No, our priority is the patient’s safety and ensuring they have the best possible care depending on such factors as the medical issue, their location, journey times and so on. Those factors will define which is the optimum hospital for the patient.

No. Aeroworx offers policies that enable transportation of patients from one hospital to another hospital, in order to provide more appropriate medical treatment. To activate the policy, you must be in the care of a hospital and under the treatment of a medical doctor before an evacuation decision can be made.

Hospitalisation is not elective and shall only be activated when appropriate medical advice deems it medically necessary.

Yes. This product is designed to help those living, working and visiting Africa.

No. Evacuation is valid for the 48 African countries listed in the policy

We accept credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We also accept debit cards, bank-to-bank transfers and PayPal. As all benefits are in US dollars, we only accept US dollars for payments. However, if you pay with a local credit card or debit card, this will be converted into US dollars automatically.

First check your spam box. If you cannot locate the documents, contact us here

No. Only the person covered by the product is shown on the certificate. The name of the payee is shown in the special conditions.

No, Aeroworx offers emergency medical evacuation cover, not travel insurance. Our cover ensures that, if there is a medical emergency, we will transport you from a local hospital to one of Africa’s top modern medical treatment centres.

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MediGuide Members through Aeroworx may request a Medical Second Opinion under most circumstances, with the following exceptions:

  • Member has not received a diagnosis – a MediGuide Member must have been given an official diagnosis by his or her treating physician as a prerequisite in order for the world leading medical centres to confirm the diagnosis and to provide treatment recommendations on a particular medical condition,
  • Member has not been evaluated by a treating physician within the last 12 months – Recent medical records are required by the world leading medical centres in order to provide MediGuide Members relevant treatment recommendations.
  • Member has developed an acute, life-threatening condition – If a MediGuide Member requires immediate medical attention that Member should seek the care of their treating physician on an urgent basis, and not delay while awaiting the arrival of the MediGuide second medical opinion.
  • Physical evaluation of the Member is required – certain conditions will always require an in-person study and evaluation (for example, mental illness). Understandably, such cases would not be eligible to receive a remote medical second opinion.

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