Extending emergency medical evacuation to Ecobank Kenya’s clients

Aeroworx’s successful partnership with AMREF Flying Doctors has provided cover for emergency medical evacuation and hospitalisation to thousands of people living and working in East Africa. The partnership has run for over six years and grows stronger month-by-month.

Through the Maisha Diamond plan, starting at $255 a year, policy holders in a medical emergency will be evacuated to a state-of-the-art hospital in Nairobi or South Africa. The cost of emergency evacuation in Kenya and Tanzania starts at about $10,000 but can be seven or eight times that, when including hospitalisation costs and depending on the location. Thankfully, policy holders are covered by Aeroworx for emergency evacuation and hospitalisation, to ensure this huge cost is met through their membership scheme.

The Maisha Diamond policy covers Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Zanzibar, South Sudan, Burundi and Ethiopia. For residents, visitors and ex-pats living in East Africa, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. After all, a simple procedure in one African country can become a serious medical issue in another.

The Maisha Diamond scheme has become so successful that Ecobank Kenya has teamed up with AMREF Flying Doctors to offer their clients coverage for medical emergencies throughout East Africa. Healthcare in East Africa continues to be a concern for companies, workers and their families. Maisha Membership reassures policy holders that, in a moment of medical crisis, Aeroworx and AMREF Flying Doctors are there to transport the afflicted person with speed and efficiency to the vital help they so desperately need.

As Josephine Anan-Ankomah, Ecobank Kenya’s managing director and regional executive of Consulting Engineers South Africa, said, “Access to medical emergency evacuations here in Kenya and across Africa remains a big challenge, partly due to prohibitive costs, infrastructural challenges, and lack of skilled resources.” Dr Joseph Lelo, Medical Director of AMREF Flying Doctors (main picture), added, “Healthcare emergencies continue to stress families emotionally and financially, especially in our part of the world. Maisha Membership will provide peace of mind that the affected person will have timely and professional medical transport in an emergency.”

By partnering with AMREF Flying Doctors and Aeroworx, Ecobank Kenya is enabling their customers and other Kenyans to access emergency ground- and air-evacuation services for modern medical treatment in Nairobi and elsewhere in the region.

Aeroworx’s expertise and reputation for being there when it matters is something you can bank on – and as Ecobank Kenya has happily demonstrated.

Note: If you wish to find out about emergency medical evacuation cover not just in East Africa but throughout the African continent, please contact Aeroworx direct here.

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