Free Second Medical Opinion for Aeroworx customers in Africa

Aeroworx’s members can source an expert second medical opinion at no cost.

The quality of healthcare and medical advice in Africa can vary enormously from country to country and region to region. It’s the reason Aeroworx first launched its lifesaving policies of rapid evacuation in a case of medical emergency.

However, not all medical concerns are life-threatening emergencies that require immediate treatment – and so aren’t covered by Aeroworx’s policies. Yet these concerns, which may be complex medical conditions, still require insightful medical opinion and probable intervention. But how can a patient in Africa be sure that the advice they receive from their doctor really is expert and as up-to-date as possible?

Aeroworx founder Graham Lambert relates how a doctor in South Africa insisted his gall bladder needed to be removed. Graham sourced a second opinion and discovered this drastic surgery was unnecessary. An alternative, less invasive treatment was prescribed, and Graham made a full recovery.

It’s experiences like this that illustrate why in Africa it makes sense to seek a second medical opinion. And Aeroworx members can now do so for free, drawing on the some of the most expert and modern medical expertise available.

How Aeroworx’s Second Medical Opinion Works

Aeroworx has formed a partnership with MediGuide. They provide policy holders with access to remote medical experts, who base their diagnosis on your doctors’ notes and any test results. These experts are based in some of North America’s top hospitals and their thoughts are returned to you and your doctor within ten days of receipt.

This is not about distrusting your doctor’s advice. After all, most people shop around and seek advice before making a purchase, and your health is so much more important than that a simple transaction. In fact, most physicians are pleased to have a second medical opinion, especially if it helps them keep abreast of the latest developments in medicine.

Step 1: The Aeroworx customer contacts MediGuide about their medical concern. MediGuide contacts Aeroworx to confirm the customer’s details.

Step 2: MediGuide contacts the member and the treating Doctor to gather all notes, test results and provisional diagnosis.

Step 3: MediGuide assesses the documents and sends them to their experts in the appropriate medical field.

Step 4: Within ten days, MediGuide’s experts provide their comprehensive diagnosis and suggested treatment. This is forwarded to both the customer and their doctor. Note: MediGuide cannot prescribe medicine, and instead issues a report based on the documents received and details a recommended treatment.

Step 5: The Aeroworx customer and their doctor discuss the diagnosis and any revised treatment in the light of MediGuide’s findings. 

According to MediGuide, in 88% of cases the choice of treatment is changed after receipt of MediGuide’s advice and in 3% of cases there is a complete change in diagnosis – meaning unnecessary and inappropriate treatment or surgery is avoided. Not only that, the alternative treatment could be significantly cheaper.

By using this new service, despite being in Africa, Aeroworx’s members can access the best global second medical opinion – there is no geographical limitation. And all at no cost to either the patient or the doctor, as it’s included in Aeroworx’s policy! 

Learn about the Aeroworx’s MediGuide second medical opinion service here.

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