Graham Lambert


Graham Lambert, founder of Aeroworx, was standing in a hospital corridor in Mozambique. "A doctor walked slowly towards me, deliberately avoiding eye contact. I could tell from his face, all was not well. He looked up slowly to face me and spoke... He could save my pregnant wife or our baby but not both. What was I meant to say? It was an impossible decision."
graham lambert

I took a deep breath, thought of my wife and our unborn child. No. I refused to accept this.

I mustered all the help and finances I could. I contacted anyone I thought could help. I explored every option in the short time I had. It was one of the worst moments of my life…

In the end, I was fortunate. I managed find the means to get my wife to a suitable hospital – thankfully, both mother and baby were safe. But it was an experience I was determined no-one else should ever have to go through.

That’s why I started Aeroworx. In an emergency, everyone should be able to get the medical help they need. And easily, with just one phone call.

So that’s what Aeroworx is: a single-point solution for medical evacuations all over Africa. As soon as that phone rings, we organise everything and get patients to the care they need in the fastest possible time.

How I would have loved to know back then, that a single phone call could have saved all our problems.

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