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Aeroworx partners with healthcare companies and brokers in Africa to ensure there’s a seamless medical emergency air evacuation service.

Every country in Africa is different, with different customs, different laws and its own way of doing things. Healthcare also varies enormously from country to country; a simple medical issue in one location can be a serious risk in another location.

This is why, though Aeroworx understands Africa so well, the company recognises it can make sense to partner with local healthcare provider companies. This may be by working with a local health insurance broker, being a partner with a local health management organisation or staying behind the scenes as a silent partner.


A good example is Aeroworx’s relationship with Afrihealth Solutions and Medical Services Limited, with a head office in Lagos, Nigeria. Afrihealth partners with Aeroworx to provide medical emergency evacuation solutions in the country, as well as in west Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. This means that anyone facing an unexpected medical emergency can be rapidly transported to the most modern hospitals for treatment.

Omoba O. A. Oyinlola is the CEO of Afrihealth and, though a Prince, prefers to be addressed as just Ope, apart from official engagements. “When I discovered Aeroworx and its service offerings, I thought, ‘Could I possibly be the only one who sees the brilliant pan-African mission and vision of this UK company?’ The founder, Graham, may be English but he is more African than you could ever know. He has a passion for Africa that you can smell a mile away. That makes it very easy for me and my team to work with him and his organisation.”

Ope explains that although Afrihealth is the face of their healthcare offer in Nigeria, it is a tri-party arrangement: Afrihealth is the healthcare provider company, Aeroworx facilitates the health insurance policy which covers emergency medical evacuation services, whilst MSO (Medical Services Organisation) manages the medical case from the point of origin to discharge. It shows how Aeroworx is agile in its approach and willing to adapt its working methods to suit different countries and their residents.

Ope is proudly African and sees great potential in Afrihealth’s partnership with Aeroworx. “Africa is an extraordinary continent, with vast natural resources and human capital; however, there is a lack of accessibility to quality healthcare services,” explains Ope.

“To thrive as a community, a country, or even as a continent in the modern world, there are key things that need to change. Healthcare is certainly one of the most important,” says Ope. “I am proud to say Afrihealth is forward thinking and Aeroworx are our longterm partner. Aeroworx is an efficient and effective company, with a simple and straightforward business structure. It’s what healthcare here needs.”

It’s an approach that is already bearing fruit for Afrihealth, Nigeria and west Africa at large. “We’ve started with one policy, however we are launching several new policies as we grow as partners: maternity solutions, diagnostic solutions, non-terminal cancer treatments and so on. With Aeroworx as our core partner, we can become a conduit for developed healthcare infrastructure in Nigeria and Africa.”

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