Frequently Asked Questions

From $380.00 per person with group discounts available.

No, this is a medical decision based on the nearest most suitable treatment facility available.

The product has a max age limit of 65 years old.

The product does not cover pregnancy and pregnancy related complications. The product also does not cover babies under 14 DAYS old.

We strive to make use of the nearest most suitable/accredited medical evacuation company. If a local aircraft is available, we would have all the paperwork and protocols in place to collect the patient within 3 hours (This period can change due to changing Covid-19 regulations). If we need to dispatch an aircraft from outside of the region, the aircraft would be wheels up in 3 hours from activation, plus the flight time.

This is not a search and rescue solution. It is a hospital bed to hospital bed evacuation solution. You will have to be in a hospital under the treatment of a medical doctor before an evacuation decision can be made.

Yes, we insist that for any minors, one parent travels within the aircraft. If space allows, a second parent can travel, failing that, we will fly you to the treating country via the next available commercial flight. Hotel costs closest to the hospital will be covered to a maximum amount as per the policy documents.

No, we utilize and extensive network of air ambulance operators, this ensures that we will always have access to an air ambulance.

No, all related expenses are covered by Aeroworx and paid direct to service providers within the overall cover limit

No, all pre-existing conditions are excluded.

Unless the accident or illness necessitates an air evacuation no Hospital costs are covered. When a member is evacuated all costs required to stabilize the member are covered.

Hospitalization is not selective and shall only be done when medically necessary.

The premium starts at USD380 per person per annum, there are also group discounts available.

This membership includes cover for the air ambulance costs, full in patient medical treatment including all fees, commercial flight home, follow home medical expenses, accompanying family member (if necessary) and repatriation of mortal remains up to the limit of the product (USD200,000-USD500,000)

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