In Africa, whether a medical operation is “simple” depends on your location

A simple medical procedure in one African country may be not be so straightfoward in another, less medically-sophisticated part of Africa. Graham Lambert, founder of Aeroworx, recalls a farmer in Madagascar who suffered a broken ankle in a road accident.

“It wasn’t actually a very complicated treatment. In any modern hospital, it’s an everyday operation. In fact, someone with basic military training could have easily resolved this,” he explains.

“However, the conditions for treatment in Madagascar were very poor. They just didn’t have the right equipment; surgical pins of the correct size and the hygiene conditions were such there was a real risk of infection that would then require amputation of the patient’s foot. For a working farmer, that would be have been disastrous for his future life and that of his family.”

Fortunately, the farmer had signed up to Aeroworx’s medical emergency evacuation service, starting at just $40 a month. This meant that Aeroworx could fly him to South Africa for excellent emergency medical treatment in a modern, state-of-the-art hospital at no additional expense to the patient. Normally, this would sort of emergency flight on a private jet would cost around $29,000.

Graham continues, “We got him out of Madagascar as soon as we could, as we were worried about the bone grow back incorrectly. It took a few days to ensure all paperwork, visas and medical approvals and as this was during a complete shutdown of borders and Airports due to COVID-19 we had to get flight clearance at the highest Government levels and even involved the Diplomatic Department of South Africa & Madagascar. However, we flew him into Johannesburg, got him straight to the hospital and he had the operation that night.”

Just two days later, the patient was fitted with a protective boot, discharged from hospital and allowed to return home to recuperate. Within two months, he was back working on his farm.

“I am so blessed to have you in my team,” the farmer says, who wishes to remain anonymous. “You are just an awesome company.”

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